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Sooo helpful extension

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I just LOVE this extension and it’s soo useful. I used it in my App which will be published soon, and it is just amazing.

The fact that shocked me is, that this extension is 100% free and @Shreyash made this completely without gaining money.

I just can thank you very very much and hope to see other good work like this in the future.
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can you add animation to pop out components?

Have you tried this extension by @Jerin_Jacob?

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@Shreyash sorry, I meant pop up and not pot out

Can you please specify what do you mean by “pop” animation? Have you tried the Bounce type animations already available in Phase?

BounceIn , BounceInDown , BounceInLeft , BounceInRight , BounceInUp , BounceOut , BounceOutDown , BounceOutLeft , BounceOutRight , BounceOutUp

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you can refer this video

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Have you tried BounceIn/Out animations? They perform the exact same thing.

PS: Take a look at the demo app to see all the available animations in action.


Will we see a future update?

Most probably, no. Is there something specific you want to be added?

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No, but I see a very great extension

I always love new things from you :heart_eyes:


It is a very amazing extension.
Dear, can you add another technique in Attention category, which is shiny overlay animation. Some time we see this time animation in many app, that is a shiny effect animated which is very attractive.
like this: shiny-button-featured-image-w-1080x600


Hi @saisab_29_6_2000,
The effect you’re requesting doesn’t match with other animation techniques. All the animation techniques available in Phase are related with motion of visible components.

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Hi @Shreyash,
Your extension is great.

However, can you add this ripple effect too in Phase.

Hi @LetsCode,
It seems more of a transition pattern between two activities/fragments than a simple ripple effect to me. Phase doesn’t deals with such transitions. Sorry.


Ok @Shreyash,

However, if you make such an extension I will be happy to use :smile:.


Can you create this extension as a different extension from the previous version? I used the previous version and I need the ID option in the new version (I do not want all the blocks to break)

Do you mean you need a version without the id parameter in event blocks?

No! I need the ID, but right now in my application there are a lot of blocks from the previous version and if I update the extension then all the blocks of the previous version will break. So I would like the new version to be considered a different extension

I don’t think it would solve this problem. I mean even if you got a new extension, you’ll have to manually replace each and every block with new extension’s blocks, which is equivalent to replacing the broken blocks when you upgrade the extension.