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Nice extension great work

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Great extension @Shreyash

I can relate to that


Ya its working

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It means the problem is in the demo app and not the extension. :sweat_smile:
Will reupload a new version of demo app soon.

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for me first aia also works and not crashed even once , i think they have set to repeat animation 3 times in a second so it may crashes for a slower device

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Updated both the files. @nandu_aeer can you test them now?

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Its working perfectly


not works with offline appybuilder version, because wants some parts of kodular

No, it doesn’t require any Kodular specific components/blocks. It should work on any AI2 based builder.

Can you be a bit more comprehensive and provide me with the error/bug that is preventing you from using the extension?


Thanks for awesome plugin

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I would really love to see’ FlipInY’

Thanxx in Advance.

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Oops, I guess I forgot to add it. Thanks for reminding. :sweat_smile:


Great words from a wonderful person:ok_hand::heart_eyes:

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This extension is not good
but Very excellent

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Time for a small (verrrrryyyyy small :joy:) update!

  • Added new animation type: FlipInY
  • Increased the extension’s size by 0.1 KB.

Check out the first post for downloads. :smile:



Thank you very much for this great extension
You can activate the animation outside Layout

for example
When the button in the screen selects the movement from the bottom up
But when it is inside Layout
selects the movement from the bottom up from the bottom of the Layout

I’m not sure if I got what you are trying to say. If you aren’t comfortable with English, I’ll suggest you to write in the language you are comfortable with and then translate it with the help of Google Translate. :slightly_smiling_face:


How I can download this Animation made easy

Welcome. Did you read the first post? The extension is there.


Yes, great extension! Thank you.

For a long time I have been looking for a way to create an expanding and contracting sphere (circle, ball) (with D3 javascript / Canvas etc.) for a meditation app. As all these solutions needed timers, unfortunately without success, as there are the usual (known) synchronization problems (with the Clock comonent).

This might be possible with your extension now:

To do this, however, the animation (ZoomIn / ZoomOut) would have to start or end at a circle with a radius r = 0. However, ZoomIn starts at about r/2 and ZoomOut ends at about r/3. See video. breathing_ball_x264.mp4 (1.2 MB)
The video stutters a bit, but the app is running smoothly.

Would it perhaps be possible to change or add this? Means that ZoomIn starts at 0% and ZoomOut ends at 0% (only for the ZoomIn/Out technique).

Thanks again,

Here is an animation with D3 javascript, but I did not succeed in starting it together with the metronome: