PhoneCall component problem

Is there any way to know the status of the phone call component event (PhoneCallStarted )

  • Status =1: Incoming call is ringing
  • Status =2: Outgoing call is dialed
    Without using PhoneCall component ???blocks
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Can you make it clear what you are sayinh,?

I asking is there any option to initiate a process whit an incoming phonecall but with out using PhoneCall component becous of Google new policies do not allow the use of the permission android.permission.PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS easily. Applications that contain this permission are rejected . It is clear that the use of the PhoneCall component requires this permission by default

I think this might help you a little bit.

This also .

thank you @J.M.R_CREATIONS
but I am asking for incoming calls phone number not asking for outgoing calls
As you can see, the extensions do not contain any blocks to indicate the caller’s number while receiving the call
Am I right ?

see this -