PhoneMaker 2.2.2 : Create your own phone company!

(Marlon Rodríguez) #21

Activate the scroll

(Franck G) #22

I’ve just put the size in the Font Size propertie, and i look at the app. So the size of the font size I choose is mostly for my phone. But last days, i’ve tested with others phones and It looked good to me.

I don’t know how can i scale it otherwise. Maybe use an extension to get the size of the screen, and modify the size according to that.

(Franck G) #23

Yes, It’s way too big.

I see it like this, it’s small on my phone.
I definitely need to ajust the font size according to the phone resolution or size.

(Marlon Rodríguez) #24

I found it so funny, I already want the second part :rofl:

(Marlon Rodríguez) #25

use pixel size or percent ?, I test it on a Motorola G OS 5.1

(Boban Stojmenovic) #26

And what do you have for font settings.


(Franck G) #27

On my phone ? Default

It’s pixel, i don’t think we can use percents for font size

(Marlon Rodríguez) #28

I was talking about the frame, which is the one that comes out

(Franck G) #29

Its percent, i never used pixels for arrangement (exepy for the arrangements for the slider on research)

(Nikhil27B YT) #30

Amazing App And Ul is Super Cool its working in my phone good

(anuragtekam0) #32

I have tested it on Mi Mix 2 but no issues bro nice work

(Abhijith) #33

Nice Game… Really enjoyed playing it but a bug messed up the experience…

Dual Sim cost 1 000 000 but i have 3 000 000+ still it says insufficient money…

(Abhijith) #34

Big Numbers :smile:

(Kleyber Derick) #35

@Franck_G28, congratulations for your app!!! It has something that is very difficult to me to put in my apps… a very nice UI.

(Franck G) #36

Thanks for your support ! :heart_decoration:

GG ! You’re even wealthier than me :joy:

Indeed, I was wrong, the Dual Sim actually costs $5,000,000 (but it must have cost $1,000,000). I’ll fix it!

(Boban Stojmenovic) #37

@Ken Just curious, which settings do you have in developer options for minimum width.

This is mine with developer options for minimum width set to 340.


(Ken) #38

Mine is at 360, as far as I can remember I’ve never changed this value… Interesting…

(Boban Stojmenovic) #39

I found it, It’s yours font size as I got identical look.

@Franck_G28 Sizing Problem on Different Resolutions


(Ken) #40

It helped a little:

(Ken) #41