PhoneMaker 2.2.2 : Create your own phone company!

(Franck G) #42

Thanks !
But this is too big ! I can’t make this for every label ! I have near 200 labels per screens + all others components …

EDIT : But i will use it with labels that people reported me here

(Boban Stojmenovic) #43

Actually we have to go one more step.

edit, I see you have already done so


(Franck G) #44

In one week, more than 300 people installed PhoneMaker! :tada:

Update 2.1
Because of the changes of many TinyDB names, this version is not compatible with the older one.

New maketing system :

  • Marketing is now per smartphone: Buy one for the smartphone, it will stay, even if you sell it multiple times.
  • You can buy another marketing boost (better than the previous one) to replace the first one.
  • The buttons for marketing campaigns that you can’t pay for are now disabled.
  • New dialog for confirmation.
  • The marketing boost is now displayed on Smartphone Information’s

Research changes:

  • Reduced the font size of the title.
  • Correction of some false costs. The value is now displayed directly from the variable.
  • New dialog when you have not enough money

UI Changes:

  • Re-activated FontArt on Game Menu
  • New interface for selling stats on My Smartphone screen.
  • New confirmation when the user want to stop the sell of a smartphone.
  • Selling Smartphone UI changes (thanks to the CircularProgress Extension by @CarlosPedroza27 )
  • New notch for PhoneDesigner :
  • The notch new include front camera and front speaker
  • The notch height can be changed.

Others :

  • New PhoneDesigner property : Front camera margin.
  • Updated credits.
  • A lot of smartphone statistics values was wrong, and some duplicates.

:arrow_right: Download on Play Store :google_play: or go to

(Abhijith) #45

I lost my Billions :fearful: My company ! Oh noooo. JK Nice update ! :smile:

(Franck G) #46

Sorry :sneezing_face: It would have taken me a long time to make it compatible, I hope you’ll soon find your billions!

(Nathan) #47

I restarted my actual Phone this morning, I was thinking about whether a new update came out, so I searched Google and I was right about my thoughts.

(Franck G) #48

Well done ! :laughing:

(anuragtekam0) #49

OMG i lost all my money then i am not updating

(Franck G) #50

Sorry :confused: I can already tell you that it will be the same for the next update, but I will make sure that the money stays the same. Two major new features are coming out.

(Daniel) #51

WOW,. A very



Btw, I myself don’t know how haven’t I seen this topic before, even when I think I were the first to test an early build of 2.0 (along with Yusuf)

(Franck G) #52

Thanks :slight_smile: it’s changed a lot since:)

(Abhinav Pal) #53

I just wanted to know how did you make the app size so small and what did you use for the background any particular extensions?

(Franck G) #54

The background is images, and to reduce the size, i’ve only used fonts icons, so i’ve not so much assets for this apps. I have only some fonts, backgrounds, logo, and phone component :slight_smile:
The extension list is in the main post in “credits” if you want to know :wink:
PS : i’ve just noticed that i now use a lot more extension ! I will update the list for the next update :slight_smile: There will be a lot of new things !

(Franck G) #55

  • Online ranking: See how you are ranking compared to other companies!
    o Online company name (create, remove, update money)
    o An internet connection is now required to create a company (to avoid duplicated names)
  • New Sale system: every statistic is now saved for each sale
    o You can now change the price at each sale
    o You can now sell any of your already created smartphone (not just the last one)
    o Increasing production cost after some days.
  • New Production Screen
    o New Statistics and projections
    o Quick choose the number of units to produce by choosing the percent of your money that
    you want to spend in the production
  • Company and phone name characters limit
  • Updated main menu interface
  • New company creation screen
  • UI changes, improvements and bugfixes.
  • Updated credits

Warning : This update will clear your actual company !

:arrow_right: Download on Play Store :google_play: or go to

(Abhijith) #56

Leaderboard not working. It says cannot accept Argument empty String. Please check the json result you get

(Franck G) #57

You’re right! It worked very well though!
I’m looking at this

(Franck G) #58

Hotfix 2.1.1 deployed :

  • Preventing app crash on leaderboard : The leaderboard may not working for the moment.
  • Bug fixed : can’t create a new company if the leaderboard is not working.
  • Fixed a bug at the end of the tutorial

(Mohd Younis ) #59

Great app . Can you tell me how you made Playstore graphics

(Franck G) #60

Thanks ! I’ve made them with Photoshop, and with the font Gilroy

(Abhijith) #61

When can we expect the Leaderboard Back?