PhoneMaker 2.2.2 : Create your own phone company!

(Franck G) #62

I’ve cleared it yesterday, and it worked again, but i’ve just noticed that it does’nt work again :confused:
I still didn’t find what is causing this !

(Abhijith) #63

What Kind of Database Are you using?

(Franck G) #64

I’m using firebase. There was weird things in it. I will add more protections in company name choosing !
Mainwhile, i’m will clean the database, so the leaderboard will work again.
But first, i need to do another update

(Abhijith) #65

As far as i see i think you are getting a empty value or a string either from the database or the app. I think the problem Lies in the Area of Got Value Event Block

(Franck G) #66

The error is that the Web component can’t decode the value from database. But from what i see from the toast notification, everything seems right. And i don’t see why Firebase would return a json string with error in it
EDIT : I’ve checked, the json is valid, but the web component can’t decode it ! I will search for an extension

(Ken) #67

Are you encoding it before it’s stored to firebase?

(Franck G) #68

No ! Is it a mistake not to encode them?
I found this morning that the bug was caused by some characters, so I made a list of forbidden characters that should not be in the company name.
If I encode it before storing it, will the problem be fixed?

(Nathan) #69

In the Device Component I think there’s a parse block, you can get a value from the JSON using that.

(Ken) #70

That would work.

I’ve seen characters from certain countries cause issues and encoding/decoding resolved the issue.

(Franck G) #71

Update 2.2.2
Important bugfix and improvements update !

  • Added online configuration
  • Added an updater
  • Added a dynamic message on the main menu
  • Improved launch loading
  • Leaderboard will now work correctly (Encoded company name)
  • Improvements and bugfixes.

:arrow_right: Download on Play Store :google_play: or go to

(Abhijith) #72

What Do you mean by an Updater .

(Franck G) #73

It’s just an update notifier (the real update process was here since 1.0)

(Don Njondanmakal) #74

Amazing UI.How you create background Gradients.Is it an image!

(Franck G) #75

Thanks ! Yes, they are images :slight_smile: I’ve made them with photoshop

(Don Njondanmakal) #76

How you create list with text gradient colour.

(Franck G) #77

Are you talking about the image or in the application?

(Don Njondanmakal) #78

Leaderboard list.

(Franck G) #79

There is no text gradient on the leaderboard :thinking:

(Don Njondanmakal) #80

How you create lists.

(Franck G) #81

I’m using ColinTree Listview extension for the leaderboard