Pick a Friend - Random Picker

Just published my new app Pick a Friend - Random Picker to the playstore

The app is a simple and pretty basic random picker, with three modes. You can add up to 16 options and the app randomly picks from the bunch. You can also save your options so you don’t have to re-enter all the names.


App Store/Download link:

Pick a Friend - Random Picker Play Store Link

It’s a basic app but it did take me a long time to complete and work with the inefficient methods I used. Testing has taken over a month with issues needing hours and hours of recoding but I hope there are no issues anymore. Let me know!


What’s the use of this app is it a game?

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It’s a random picker, so it can be used as anything that needs something to be randomly picked. For example, dice, spin the bottle or if you’re with a group of friends and need to pick people randomly for a game.

Do you think people will use for app for just picking one person from group.

Well I hope so. People buy dice for the same purpose. But this can be used as a picker, random number generator etc.

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