PkgUtils : Some tools to work with Package


Probably you have seen that I was not so much active on Community for some weeks…because I was so much busy in developing ‘PkgUtils’ and was unable to use Community but now extension is complete and ready to be used.
PkgUtils is basically related to Package and Package Manager and that is why it is similar to Package Utilities component already available in Kodular.
But it has a few more methods in comparison to native component :wink:


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It has total 15 methods and 4 properties


A small documentation for PkgUtils…

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Returns app name from package

scrnli_12_21_2019_12-02-30 PM

Returns app version code from package

scrnli_12_21_2019_12-03-11 PM

Returns app version name from package

Checks whether specific permission is granted to current app or not

scrnli_12_21_2019_12-04-51 PM

Checks whether specific permission is granted to particular app or not

scrnli_12_21_2019_12-06-56 PM

Checks whether system has a particular feature or not

scrnli_12_21_2019_12-07-43 PM

Returns first install time of a package or app

scrnli_12_21_2019_12-08-21 PM

Returns path to icon of an app

scrnli_12_21_2019_12-08-48 PM

Returns a list of installed packages/apps

scrnli_12_21_2019_12-09-26 PM

Returns true if a particular package is installed else false

scrnli_12_21_2019_12-10-38 PM

Returns last update time of a package/app

scrnli_12_21_2019_12-10-54 PM

Returns target sdk version of an app

scrnli_12_21_2019_12-11-07 PM

Checks whether an app is system app or not

component_method (12)

Returns true if device is booted in safe mode else false*

component_method (13)

Returns a list of system available features*

'* ':See here: PackageManager  |  Android Developers

And others are properties which don’t need introduction… :innocent:

4.Extension/Aix file

Here are two download links:

Download Link1: adc15984fc1af343384c9f117d02b455.aix (12.6 KB)

Download Link2: PkgUtils.aix - Google Drive


I would like to say thank you to following for helping me to make PkgUtils:

and also thank you to @Aditya_Singh for this great idea

6.Support Me

If you want to do so then please download this extension from this shortened link:

Download Link3: MiniURL

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Great work! Keep it up :smile:

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Great extension!!!

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great extention.
The Installed Apps Block is easer to understand bcoz it returnes it in list format

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Great work, clicked on mini url 2 times, and downloaded twice, :heart_eyes:


This is the best way of presenting an extension, by explaining in detail what each block does and providing examples. Some of us are old people, and we are a little slow you know? :grin: Thanks!