Play store got alert

what is this cant understand

Security alert

Your app contains exposed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) API keys. Please see this Google Help Centre article for details.

Vulnerable locations:

  • io.kodular.maheshteli90.Newshayari.home->lambda98
  • io.kodular.maheshteli90.Newshayari.home->lambda99
  • io.kodular.maheshteli90.Newshayari.text->lambda46
  • io.kodular.maheshteli90.Newshayari.text->lambda47

Affects APK version 1 .

You are using Firebase database on your app and it’s permissions are set to Public. That’s all it saying.

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this is not big problem

The firebase key must be out of the application and is called after the application is turned on

@alrmailay I heard this first time . What’re you trying to say?

@mahesh_teli As of now, it’s ok.

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@Androking What is your problem?

I silenced @Androking for a day so he can think about what is so funny.