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Hello Koders!

I was working in my project since last 4-5 months and my project is ready but I’m facing these issue by Playstore Console Policy

So What Am I Facing -:

  • How can the asset to be download by user permission ?

  • API level issue such that Play Console need min API 29 and here in kodular there only last API 28

My App Details : -

  • Size : 8-9 MB
  • Asset Contain : png,ttf,jpeg

So Request to Koders such as help me out this and provide a suitable solution.
I will glad if someone help me! :slight_smile:

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You mean the target API?

Yes,We can use Permission Block and download the asset but where we have to store the downloaded assets!?

And here I’m talking about Min. SDK/Android Version

See below about SDK

You may chose android default download folder.

Play console accept min api 19
target api 28, and by August 2020 target api 29

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Where is it written?

you can upload it until 3rd august with API 28

I think that this is a new policy of Play Console that developer must ask user to download the asset only after user permission .That’s why i need to ask!

There’s many Youtube videos related to it but none of have solution!

Post a link

Then Will I able to update the app after 3rd August with same API 28 in Play Console?

I think this is
Watch at t=35 secs

I don’t trust YouTube University.
Post link to official blog.

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There is in google play store policy

I didn’t found any official blog yet but i found a another Youtube video (Verified Channel)

…and hope same for you.
Wait for officials.

Ok Thanks for your help

Just requesting one question from you? :arrow_down:

Kodular current default TargetApi is android:targetSdkVersion="28"/>
You may change it from the Manifest, otherwise wait for Kodular’s update

I think you are confuse between minSdk and targetSdk
You can upload to google play minSdk less than or equal to 29

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