Playconsole Warning: Your App includes non compliant SDK version!

I’m received this Warining Message in my Playconsole Account! I’m using Facebook Audience Network Ads.

How to Resolve this Warining Message any one help me?

Just remove Facebook Audience Network Ads and try to upload again.

Yes this Warning not for Facebook Audience network!
Becz Kodular Put their Unity Ads Commission ads are main Problem here!

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Can you share your 7 day revenue report kodular Ad Manager! I’m confused their revenue system or Ecpm

I also recieved it, never used facebook ads. I’m using Ad Manager.

Your ad network?

Lol. I don’t use any ads in my apps because ads are annoying!

Then, what are the basis of your advice/suggestion?

Which is your Ad Network?

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Can’t understand what’s happening with us :cry::cry:

This shouldn’t happen as none of the Ad Manager components rely on Unity Ads. Perhaps you have remnants of some other ad component in your project? (say, an ad component that’s in your project but isn’t being called/used).

Re the concerns listed in the topic, we will be updating Unity Ads to v4 before August 30.

Then what i do? I’m using Facebook audience network?

I checked it, issue came from test track, it is an very old version(more than 12 months).
Today, i updated the test track, now version 5 is inactive. So moslty no issues.

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Simple: Don’t use ads because they are annoying for users. Or do you like them when you are using an app?

Ok so how to earn from this development? Any suggestions?

That’s means! Im waiting for Uninty 4 Update? And Playconsole warning and Action Against after 30 August?

Yes. The warning will go away once we update the Unity Ads SDK on our end

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Don’t know Kodular When update Facebook or Unity SDK.!