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I apologize if this has been asked and answered. My search came up null.

I wonder if it is possible to automatically get the email address for the phone holder who installed the app. I know the Playstore is just an ID and not an email. There are a few ways to try to hack it, or guess it, and I am wondering if anything has been done for that as an extension or a hack on AI2 platforms.

Reason: I have a report that is generated by the user, and I want to be able to email it to them. From a UX perspective I want to ask as few questions as possible.

I can’t find this anywhere, and would love pointers, or suggestions. @hammerhai Maybe this could be in your Hosts app. getPhoneOperatorPrimaryeMail

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You can use Google Account Picker component. This will show a dialog which you can select Google Account from device. Getting email address without dialog is not possible because user can have multiple Google accounts in device.


I got confused because of accountName, however after testing, it works and is perfect for what I need.


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