Playstore Published app shows no internet connection try again

I don’t understand why it’s showing “Check your Internet Connection and Try Again”. I have tried before uploading the app on Playstore and it worked fine and smooth. After uploading it and publish it shows the error. Playstore says I have Google Cloud Platform api keys unsecured. I have used firebase and Airtable for database here. Please help.

Google recognize Firebase database insecure when you set write & read rules as true.

Check if you set your blocks to check internet connection. Moreover, you can share your app here so that we can check it.

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Yeah, It was true :stuck_out_tongue: forgot about that. lets see.

But if you set your rules as false, your app will not work! :sweat_smile:

I know that btw.

No solution. I have updated rules. Read true. Write for auth users are true. Firebase shows its safe. But no solution from playstore version. Kodular version is working fine. But when I uoliad it on playstore no solution.

Actually this alert has been sent to those who used Firebase database on app. As of now, Google Play consider it as not a serious problem.

The only solution I know is to use any other storage.