PlayStore Reject My App Due To Violation of Interfering

Please Help Me To Publish My App On PlayStore .

Issue: Violation of Interfering with Apps, Third-party Ads, or Device Functionality policy

Ads associated with your app must not interfere with other apps, ads, or the operation of the device, including system or device buttons and ports. This includes overlays, companion functionality, and widgetized ad units. Ads must only be displayed within the app serving them.

Which ads you are using in your app like Admob, Facebook or other ?

I am Using Admob

Have you used clock component to display ads ?

Yes I Use Clock To Display Ads

Did you make an earning app?

No its Just a Video Status and Also a Sayari App

Remove clock component it’s against Admob policy. Show your ads when button click.


Ok . Thanks For Help.

Read this ;

Means we have to remove clock component (even its Non-Earning App) to publish on playstore??

No, You can’t use Admob Ads with clock component.

No I’m talking about without Admob Ads!

You can use clock component in your app but you can’t use clock component to load or show Admob ads.

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Ok Thanks!! :+1:

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