Playstore reject my update

Hey guys please help me!
yesterday i update an app to play store that upload successfully but i missed a notifier for loading screen today i added progress bar and update the but playstore reject my update please help me what i do?

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What kind of app is it? What was their reasoning?

Poetry app
and their reason is
Your recent app submission was rejected for violating the Interfering with Apps, Third-party Ads, or Device Functionality policy. Before submitting your app for another review, read through the policy and ensure that your app does not display ads that interfere with other apps or outside of the app serving them. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still live on Google Play.

but i checked the app there is nothing like that

In your update did you make any changes that could have anything to do with their statement (eg ads). It would be best to look through what you updated otherwise I can only speculate the issue.

No i just add progress bar

Did you use the progress dialog from the notifier?

yes i used that .

You need to dismiss the progress dialog when you are done so it’s not interruptive. This could cause the issue mentioned above but if are already dismissing then I am afraid I am stuck.

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already dismissed :face_with_thermometer::face_with_head_bandage:

Before Submitting New Update, Make Sure You Checked

1, Don’t Load The Ads When Screen Initialize
2, Don’t Use The Ads While Brousing Web
3, Don’t Get The Phone Information Without Informing User (ex,IMI No. Model No. ext…)
4, Don’t Use Third Party Videos Download (ex Youtube,Facebook Video)


Have you changed the version code?

Even if you didn’t publish the update you have to change the version code to submit another apk.


Try to share problems in detail so that community members can help you. What was the reason of rejection?