Playstore rejected

Helo koders,
This is my first time post in kodular community,
I have build my APK from kodular.
My App is a membership application of Electric Store.
My app contains button which user can click and call number of store.
I have use default phone call in kodular but when I published to Google playstore, They rejected.
Here i post the screenshoot of rejection messages.

Please help me to solve that

I have search in this forum, it can be solve using android intent call. My another question is what should i do in releasing update, should i declare another case or just only update?

Many thanks.

Use activity starter instead of call


Remove call component and try to use with Activity Starter
To get know more,search in forums

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Yes, i’ve done and i’ve updated my app.
Now, i’m waiting for review from Google.

Is still in review now ?