Playstore Updates Question


I want to confirm an understanding I have. If I publish on the playstore in Alpha, I am able to make changes to the app (add subscriptions etc), and test it without publishing the changes, provided that the app is signed with the same keystore as the original one I published.

Is this correct? I am asking as I have a large delta between my testing, and the one I published, and I want to be certain before I have to publish every small change and wait.


If you add new In-App Items or something, you need to update your app if you want to use that in your app now, because you need to add more blocks to your app.

But you don’t need to update your app if you are changing prices and countries, or/and adding new In-App Item which you don’t want use in your app right now.

I suggest making small changes in Beta channel. Because in Beta channel, changes will need less time to publish. When you be ready, then you can convert version to Alpha.

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