Please add touchdown color in Image List view

Hello Team, can you please add the feature touch down color for image ListView in the next update.

I mean if a user work with image listview and a user click on a list element and the user see with a short blinking element which element he clicked.
This is important for the UI and for the User himself, bc the user gets a feedback wich element he clicked inn the List.

Thnak you very much if you could add this in the next update for us, i believe this feature to add is not really hard and dont takes long time for you guys, if i look what you had implement in the past.


And maybe it is possible to change the Design in the Image ListView if you dont uses Images bc the list let the space for the Image Empty.
Maybe it is possible to have a option for the list where you want to place the title if you have no Image, or a new Listview without the option to use images.
Before you ask why i dont use theother Listview Component.
A simple Answer.
I need the feature from that list, like after picking you can take the title, the subtitle and so on from the picked element and that in a easy way.
This option are not the same for the normal listview.

And it would be nice if we can set the Title Height to a spezific height , at the moment we have only small, normal, and big for list elements. Thats not very much to declaire what we have atm.

This things would be nice if someone of the team can implement that feature, i think this features are important for other people too and not only me.

Thanks for your ear.

Hello Everyone, dear Koders, Staff and Developers !

I have exactly the same needs for ListView Image and Text than plang58 :blush::+1:

Thanks a lot, in advance !


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This interests nobody i believe. We hae to take extension or others but the proble with soe extension is that, if you hae a list with 5000 items like me or take 1000 its enough too, the ost of them needs hours to load. The integrated Listiew is the fastet , i tested a few but not only a extension is so fast as the inttegrated ListView.