Please extend limit for app

please extend storage limit of app from 9mb to 30 mb i can pay for it if kodular wants
kodular is best platfrom but it provides less storage as compared to thunkable

Something like:

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that doesnt work in my case please suggest any other way

How it doesn’t work?Can i know what tools have u used for decompiling



Okay, have you moved your files to the assets folder?Also , have you got any error when testing your app?

i am getting error in recompiling the app

Can you show this error?

I am working on my new project and I am about to finish it and my app is 9.20MB and everything is working fine.

You are doing something wrong.

limit 32mb for export

everything is right but app crashes
if you exceed 9 mb

No, you are wrong.

maybe i am wrong but in my case app’s one screen crashed

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boban have included that having size more than 10 mb will decrease the stability of the app

He is talking about screens in app not about size of app.

oh my bad i think my app have a error

can you share your app link in pm

Apk file pls