Please fix this bug problem koduler team, android-exported

aab not upload to play store consul :roll_eyes: :unamused: :thinking: :disappointed_relieved: :yawning_face:
You uploaded an APK or Android App Bundle which has an activity, activity alias, service or broadcast receiver with intent filter, but without the ‘android-exported’ property set. This file can’t be installed on Android 12 or higher. See: Mudanças de comportamento: apps destinados ao Android 12  |  Android Developers.

You can try my tool app -

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check the manifest to find out, which extension needs to be updated
do a search in the community, how to modify the manifest…
if you need further help, you might want to post your manifest here

I saw many tutorials on YouTube, none of them were effective :unamused: :roll_eyes:

It didn’t work for me :disappointed_relieved:

What error are you getting?

This is not the solution.
A better solution must be found.
I request the Kodular team to solve this big problem. and update the Kodular :kodular: :heart:

As soon as Kodular releases their SDK31 upgrade, the new android:exported requirements most probably will be fixed, but only for the Kodular components.

There are also some extensions, which need an update and this is not the responsibility of Kodular, but the extension developers.

You already now can start to find out, if it is only a component or an extension which needs to be updated…

Alternatively just wait until Kodular releases the update… if your project then works, you are lucky… if not, then it is an extension which also needs an update…


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The problem is not the extension.
Do you know how long the update will be?

getting same issue…

Read this

and identify the component or extension which is affected…

Then in case it is a component, wait for a Kodular fix, in case of an extension, contact the extension author for a fix…

And meanwhile xou also can follow the workaround and adjust the manifest accordingly


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Android notifications have changed from android version 12, if you use push notification you will need to remove the component.

Same issue :sleepy:

Read this Please fix this bug problem koduler team, android-exported - #11 by Taifun


It’s in the PUSH component. Probably need to edit the manifest and insert android:exported. Now how to do this?

I did a search in the community for you… you could do the same…


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Do not use that extension anymore… as you can see, it is outdated…
You can find a new extension to use after doing a search in the community