Please got an error with button

Please have been trying to get random answer on four buttons but keep getting an error message please what Is wrong and how can I fix it.

and also this is the block…

When error comes.

What should I do?

Any koder’$, please I need your help.

I asked you when error comes when click button which button if you don’t reply me correct then I can’t help you

When the screen initialize it pop out that error. In a nut shell I have a list of answers in my airtable so I have four button which I want to add the list at random in each button so when the button is clicked it compared your selected button text with the correct answer in the list and if it is the same you got 5 point else you got nothing. I always receive that error what should I do please.

I think it is generating error

Please what should I do. How can I solved it

When screen initialize Nextselected_button button should it be get global button? Bcos I have tried it still have an error.

I think this is Wrong not sure.
Because its creating Loop

Why you settled this when ButtonD Click - Call Button Click for ButtonD Again. its creating Button click loop

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No I don’t think that is problem bcz it will generate error when button click

he used same blocks for about all buttons.

So what should I do?Please help

I will try and fix that

Also check Complete Nextselected_button.
I tried this but can’t understand.

I can suggest one thing Set global Buttons Value/Button before Calling them

try this
means screen initialize then first set global button value then call Nexselected_button procedure

Ok i’we do that thanks.

You don’t think that this can generate error

You are not giving parameter or button in nextselected_button

Ok I am meant to use get global button to call the button procedure. Which means I don’t need this

in my block right?