Please Help .... I have a Problem with one time login system using airtable


Everything fine … but after submitting details, data successfully adding in air table…
But the problem is …when close the app…and opens again its shows 1st page again…please help @!!!

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You should use tiny db for that

After storing data to airtable call this

when the user close the app and open it again


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when screen 1 intialize

tiny db

call spread sheets

call notifier …

thats it right …


If it worked for you, there is a tick button(solution) there… press it

at what place i used the 1st thing u show me

After Spreadsheet call tinyDB

in this pic…

actually at what place i want use this one …

I’ve already said this many times

@techbrainz001 Add this block between the Notifier show alert and Open Another Screen
Notifier Show Alert …

Call Tiny DB store Value…

Open Another Screen…

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If this helps then click on solution button so others can understand easily.

You Can Set Event For Go On Next Screen
Like Add 1 Button And 1Vertical Layout In Layout Set You TextBox Or Submit Button Ok. And Outside Of Layout Button2 Which Is Visible False And Name Was Continue. Set When. Got Column If Device Id Mathes Then Vertical Layout Visible False, Button2 Visible True, In Else Block Set Vertical Layout Visible True, Button2 Visible False And Notifier Show Mismatch Details

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