Please help I have disabled my application

Everything would work fine if you had this app attached to my applicationimage-5
All these problems have emergedimage-6


Worse, I can not delete it from the app and I can not attach any other extensionimage-8

The question is whether there is a solution to its problem

this aia is which platform thunkable, appybuilder

I have set it up in Kodular

This happened with me once and thankfully @Conor helped me with it.

It seems you removed an extension (Infinite Progress Bars) and it can’t find it, readd the extension, remove all blocks dealing with it (or components), then delete the extension.

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I did not do that

Yes, that happened to me, but I had a copy of aia previous version
This second thing happens with me the same problem

I have a solution
Export the aia and then open it in winrar and then open assets
then open external_comps
and delete the extension you want.
This will help and then just leave it as it is after deleting and then delete project from kodular and
import the aia you exported and edited.
It works everytime

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The attachment has been removed for the same problem

what is that
can you please tell what does the attachment meant by you.