Please help in Side Menu

I have a problem in side menu…up to share 1 all are working…

Activity Stater2,3 and exit are not working…please help me

Your Activity starter blocks are wrong.

First set Activity starter properties and then start Activity.

Use start activity block at the end, just after data uri block.

Activity starter blocks should be in this sequence:

  1. Action
  2. Data uri
  3. Start Activity.

same problem …Activity Starter1 is working

Activity Starter2, 3 and exit are not working

got solution…thanks for reply

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I think that’s the problem in activity starter action because as per this image there’s a space after android.intent.action.VIEW
Type only above text

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use only one activity starter and only change the data uri…
also make sure there are no spaces after android.intent.action.VIEW a @Yash_Agarwal_376 already mentioned


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