Please Help me fix this, I want to check if user downloaded file then open if not then download and open, I am beginner

I want to fix this collintree list view on click collintree list element if PDF exists then directly open file if not then download and open. I tried my best you can see in aia. Please fix this and help me. THANKS
problem1.aia (549.6 KB)

Please change the category to #Discuss

Instead of the aia, show the blocks and also explain what and how you tried

@Vaibhav See this are the main blocks of my project that is what i have tried.

blocks (21)
My airtable :-

Please help me regarding this!

Welcome to the community. Just be patient please.

Didn’t you get the solution in other topic which now seems to be deleted?

@Vaibhav no I didn’t got solution to this question.
Please :pray: Help