Please help me! I dont want to give up πŸ™πŸ™

Hello guys,

I got many problems in my Application which i am Developing . Like images are not showing and many others. And recently i used paid extension but now i removed it and used dynamic component but this problem occurs. Can anyone please solve my all problem . Please guys help me i am working on this Application from 2 month and i got many many many problems but slowly slowly i am solving my problems and learning something from my problem. But guy i dont want to give up. So please guys help me … please :pray::pray::pray::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:
Sorry for bad english :pray::pray:

Components I used

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Calm down first. Whenever you see an error, it usually tells you what happened. In this case, you error says the error occurred in the block AddComponentToCardView and it is a bad argument. That’s mean the input block doesn’t match what the block should have.

You can see, the id seems to be fine, but the second input is *nothing*, and that’s most probably the problem.

In your case, you get the image components by ID. But it failed to return anything, and the reason is the dynamic image component doesn’t exist.

Therefore, you have to check carefully, if the dynamic image component is created before you get the component by ID. If you have, check if the ID exist.


Where’s the blocks from which you are calling procedure ?

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I don’t get it … Can you explain it through blocks

I just tell you how to fix the bug. And if you combine what I said and @ramrajput200021 said,

When Spreadsheet1.Got Column delete the loop for each number and add call procedure.

Also I do not understand the logic in procedure if contains text, use blocks below


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