Please help me, i want to make multiplication from dynamic component to label


Share us sample aia to solve your issue… This info in not enough to look into your problem.

Make sure you are using proper values for multiplication… Because it seems you are trying to multiply RP4.000 with 5

DaffaPoinTest.aia (1.3 MB)

I want to make when the button4 is clicked, then label 14 gets a number from the dynamic component sum

where is the button4?

However try like this… Sorry, we cannot spend time with your aia, we arenot paid staff to look much deeper… No clarity in app. Sorry, if possible try this and test. Now no eror

in CV_Masukan_jumlah

added reply. try the alternate

ok i try this

this works. but when there is a number 0, it will disappear. and label14 doesn’t add up everything in the list

it works if i use this. but how do I get label14 to add up everything in the list. Please help me

See, still i cannot understand the logic of your app. You have designed in your own style and looking for some instances but it is highly impossible for any one to imagine what is in anyones mind… so ask in simple term… or desing the consern logic only in a demo app and send us… Do not send real app to anyone

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I want to make when button4 clicks, a list of dynamic components will appear in the vertical_arrangement4 that I’m creating (visible). then when i open vertical_arrangement4 using button (btkeranjang) it will open dynamic component2 and label14 add up all dynamic component2 list.
and my unfinished problem is summing everything in dynamic component. and put it on label14.

and what happens now is that label14 only adds up from the list of dynamic components that were added last. do not add up the whole of the list

You mean the whole list appearing first time have to appear again in Vertical arrangement 4 for the custom amount what you have put?

I mean a way to sum all the lists that appear in the dynamic component to label 14

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