Please help me i'm stuck on this after creating this project

Please understand my query, i create & design that app but now i can’t fetch that withdraw history data . i want to show withdraw history like this image . i want to use firebase for this . please help me how can i show withdraw history like this using firebase . and also i want the history showing cardview designs are create automaticly , mean design will be create automaticly as many tags available in user withdraw history . please help .

@Anshuman lready fre users suggested what to do and how to do in your previous same type of post? Creating multiple topics on the same will be consider by the community that you are spamming it. So better stay live on the same thread and ask your query.

Learn how to get data from firebase?
Learn how dynmic component extension works?

(Previous post constain s all the explanation)

I can’t understand. I didn’t create withdrsw history before. I’m 100% new on history making.

If i give you my aia file then can you please create it for me ?

@Anshuman Its just simple not much complicated… Contact privately

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