Please help me plzz

I am doing a math quiz kid right now. I want to do a timer. In the top corner, there is a time limit of 20 seconds per question. When the timer expires, the question will go to the next question immediately. What do I have to do

thanks in advance

Hi, do this

Set time interval to 20 sec which is 20k millisecond
Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 11-34-46 Kodular Creator

enable the timer when the question appears on the screen, after 20 sec this block will be triggered by itself and now you can add any logic you want (like changing question)

Don’t forget to disable the timer when the timers end and re-enable it when the new question appears

Am I calling it right?


Yes, correct! keep it up

I didn’t show you all. I’m really sorry hahaha am I doing this right?

Yes, do this as well otherwise you will encounter a loop that will crash your app

I have to ask you often. I just learned to use it hahaha

it’s correct. now you can re-enable it when you show a new question

Also, if all the questions are over then you have to disable it

Now I have a problem! In fact, when I catch it, it’s only when I have to choose the answer first. After that, the timer is 20 seconds before the next question.

User has responded -->Disable the timer–> show the result(it’s your choice) → show the new question → enable it again

Could you please show me an example hahaha