Please Help me seniors | Ad Left Application block set

Hi Seniors,
I have a problem in my app that when shows ad and click on it left application so time is enabled for 60 second…

i want to use condition here that if user left application for 60 second then shows notification good job and if user come in the application before ending time then shows notification … Your are doing invalid activity…
Please help my seniors people…
my block is :

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You use a alert which tells the user he should click the ad? :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Really? Thats against google rules.


This is an experiment… I want to use this condition which is mention here … don’t laugh give me the solution please

I dont think that this is a experiment.
It looks for me that you only want to earn money.

Do some tutorials (YouTube, Google, etc…).


Dear Brother
I’ve searched a lot of but i didn’t find it…

Use the on stop event from screen 1.
Start the timer on stop(Set timer duration to 60seconds).
Do know whatever you want.
Stop the timer.



Can you show about this block how to set

No one will help in this case bro and why you want users to click ad.

How many times we have to say that earning apps is not allowed.