Please help me set random value

I need help
I want when that value changes in the webview to the unit I want, it will display a message in 2 natural options, A or B

You mean this block

I can send you a message

Why wont’t you post a screenshot of your blocks to understand better what you are trying to achieve ?


the value of this class will change from 15->0
i want when it’s at 10
then it will display the message random A or B
This is in webview

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you can use evaluate JS and add event listener to that class like this

(function() {
var gameCountDiv = document.getElementsByClassName("gameCount_Num")[0];
gameCountDiv.addEventListener("DOMCharacterDataModified", function () { 
var count = gameCountDiv.innerText;
if(count == 10 || count == 2){
return "showmsg";




i will try. many thanks

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i tried but not work. can you help me?

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If not, you can replace it with if this text appears you will use the notification message