Please help with an error with clickable labels

I have this bug where when I execute the command “set TotalCards to TotalCards + 1” by pressing the ArrowLeft label (clickable) multiple times until it adds new TotalCards, when I press the “RightArrow” it triggers the command “set TotalCards to TotalCards + 1”. I can’t seem to wrap it around my head why this happens, I hope someone can help me.

FlashCard.aia (13.9 KB)

Correction: To add more cards, you must press the “RightArrow” label until it has reached the limit of total cards. Once it reaches it, the right arrow label will change to a “plus sign”. And when you add cards and press the “ArrowLeft” label, it will trigger the command “set global TotalCards to global TotalCards + 1” which it isn’t supposed to do. Sorry for the confusion