Pls help me when I was added ais in my project then I got an errors

if you have a backup project .aia, you can just import it and see if works.

Showing this types of…

I hope you have missed to add the extension used in the ais first into your project.
It is mandatory to add the extensions used in the ais into the project before your upload the ais, then upload the ais, your errors will be throwed away

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I have already checked this

There are no missing of any aix

If you wish post your ais here so someone may check it

Here is aia of app (4.3 MB)

In all of you r imported screens, this expression is missing. You have us wrong info.

Import this extension.

Still getting errors

This is aia without the imported screens that caused errors. If you wish post your ais here to see what was the problem in importing it

BookApp6.aia (4.3 MB)

Pdfbook_listview - 2021-11-29T131303.869.aia (4.5 MB)

Here is aia

Which imported screen gives error ? Or you want all imported screens removed ?

Deleted all imported screens
Pdfbook_listview.aia (4.4 MB)

This screen giving errors

Ok deleted only that
Pdfbook_listview_1.aia (4.5 MB)

Nothing has been deleted :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

BookApp1.aia (4.3 MB)
Pdfbook_listview1.aia (4.5 MB)

to fix what you did with aia