(Poll) Is apps.new really helpful to you?

Kodular released new website (apps.new)
when you go to apps.new in your browser it opens a new project in your Kodular Creator with a random name

In my Creator, I have a project named “Test” … I use it for testing purposes.
I create new screens and remove screens for different testings

My Opinion: It is not useful for me… My projects section look like junk/unorganized if I create a new project every time for testing things and deleting those projects is a big headache as I have to enter the name of the project. Anyways, its not a problem for me as it don’t disturb

What do you feel about this? Reply…

Is it useful to you?

  • Yes, Its Useful
  • Sometimes
  • No, Its Not Useful

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Actually it could be more useful if it would create a guest account session instead of classic sign-in if the user is not signed in. (like how code.appinventor.mit.edu allows you to login with a re-visit code instead of an account.), so people wouldn’t spend time with login/sign-up and the new projects wouldn’t be mixed with other projects.


But majority of people will stay logged in

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Then it could show a pop-up that you can select an account to continue. Using your personal account or creating a new guest session. :man_shrugging:

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Where is guest option?

It is mandatory to log in
As per my knowledge

@yusufcihan and I (and probably few others) want that there should be an option which lets us continue without revealing our identity or logging into our account.


Maybe, there should be a option to auto delete the project created with apps.new after we finish our work? If logging into our accounts is mandatory?


Probably, apps.new is good for trying some new extension and guides for test, but it should not be used with our regular account. Instead as @vknow360 any others suggest there should be an option for gest account or something similar to that.

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Hi @David
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If I am not wrong then Kodular does not want to take suggestions on this topic and nothing will be changed in apps.new .
So by giving suggestions we are just wasting our time :zipper_mouth_face:


We had the discussion of apps.new already. I close and unlist this.