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Who´s surprised… the team is unreachable. There is no customer support, we are the fishes on the fishing rod for them, only there to generate money.

Daaaym :astonished:
Lets see what happens

Hello everyone this is Andreas from Pollfish. Please let me know how I can help


Hi! Lets say the user gets 35 points (100=1USD), how much do we get as devs other than the amount needed to pay the user

The Pollfish component isn’t working properly, it has some bugs I suppose.

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When for example you get 35 points in the live survey received event then if your conversion rate is 100 points = 1 USD then it means that the survey recieved is 35 USD cents. You can always read in the survey received notification the CPA value which is the actual amount that you as the publisher will get in USD cents. Let me know if that helps!

Can you please elaborate or be more specific please? Is this something on the Pollfish side, or does it have to do with the component on the Kodular side?

Thanks, but let´s say I want to make a profit. On my tests the CPA was 51 and the reward value was 51 with 1 point = 1 cent that would have nothing left for me -taxes meaning I have to pay extra.

Kodular. For instance we can not access the device id you use making it impossible to match the user to completed surveys by such.

  1. You set the exchange rate so if you would like to make profit you just have to change the exchange rate to make the margins work for you like in any other ad network.

  2. On the completion of a survey you can distinguish a user with the request_uuid or click_id param that you can pass during initialization and receive those via s2s callbacks upon completion.

Please let me know if that helps

  1. Thank you, I will look into it. Didnt think about it being that simple.

  2. Sorry but I cannot get the request UUID or the click_id. I contacted kodular support (i.E. @Peter) as advised by your support:

As you can see, I cannot access any of the values mentioned by you:

and once completing a survey, we only get those variables:

request uuid is supposed to be received via s2s callbacks https://www.pollfish.com/docs/s2s not locally within the app in order to securely reward your users from your server side (which is the industry standard). Unfortunately there is no way to get request uuid in local notifications.

Thanks, I use s2s and store the user information, but that does not help me get a single users balance because I have no chanche identifying a user. I need some form of user identification to count the surveys completed

This is my database:

the solution you need is passing the user identification via the request uuid param during initialisation.

I cannot do that! Did you use your own blocks in Kodular?
This is what I can set:
This is what I can get:

Where would I be able to get that information?

If you cannot pass the request_uuid during the initialization of Pollfish block on Kodular, then unfortunately there is not much that we can help on that. Kodular team has to add that option to the block along with the API key and other params so you can receive those via s2s callbacks. Really sorry that we cannot help on that since it’s out of our hands…

But you are the ones who have a partnership with kodular! We are not able to use your implementation that represents your company! I contacted your support multiple times, texted Kodular staff but nothing changed! Please tell Kodular to fix the component or terminate the partnership with them and make your own extension (which propably is what I have to do now)!

I understand @OlMi1 and apologies for the inconvenience but you do understand also that this is not up to us. We have emailed the Kodular team and waiting for a response.

Thank you. Please get a quick solution!

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