PopUpMenu Extension

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It Creates A Popup On Any ComponentYou Want!
With Two Events When Popup Selected And When Popup Dismissed
when popup item is selected the dismissed event will not run…
only when it is dismissed the event will run

Add a picture of all the blocks


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Maybe post an image of how it looks in realtime.


Posted screenshot

Are you using Kodular for the sample? You should use Kodular blocks so users can see that it works on Kodular.


Ya I used Kodular Companion to test
but blocks photo was taken in app inventor

changed blocks photo to of kodular creator

  1. What happens if button is the bottom of screen? Will pop-up come in the top of button?

  2. Is it possible to use with another components? Or just components which has Click event?

It would be nice to see more details about your extension.


possible with just button


now it is supportable with any component


You give no instructions. Are the options supposed to be a list or a string separated with , or?

wait a minute i am changing everything

Now everything is Updated Everyone can check

great extension mate
well done

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Spinner :sweat_smile:

it is not a spinner it is popup menu
for eg as like the menu which appear when you click 3dot on title bar

Make Spinner wide 0
And get what you want

If you can make a custom wide
Custom colors
Possibility of custom component

It will be a great extension

Nice extension… BTW, how do we set the background color of the menu?

not possible will add later

k I’ll buy your extension when you’ll add it