PopupWindow Extension - Fully Customizable Popup Menu [PAID]

So Hello Everyone! Today I want to introduce my latest Extension Popup Window :yum:
It shows a popup anywhere on the screen or on any component you want
It is fully customisable as you can set which layout you want to show in Popup
You can set it in that you want it to be dismissed or not when something in acitivity is clicked
You can make your own customized popup menu with it by setting your own layout
For any confusion or question you can Message or reply to this post

Blocks Images -
(Click to open full image)

Demo Screenshots -


Aix Price
Paytm - ₹300
PayPal - $6



Post an apk if possible. It will help to check the outcome of extension.


Sorry, but I can’t post apk in public. I had mentioned it in my old post also but people can message me to get the demo apk

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Nice Extension, If you are able to post apk then post a video. It will be helpful those who wants to buy the extension :blush:

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Nice extension. Good work

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Very nice extension.

I’m interested in buying this. But before that, I just want to know that can I design the popup menu same like WhatsApp? Here is the example.

If yes, then please let me know.

great work

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Why not use this

Popup menu and popup window are quite different things.
Popup menu is not customizable while popup window is fully customizable.


As there are fewer features compared with this one. This takes an arrangement as input by which we can design our own popup menu interface.

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Thanks for appreciating :hugs:
I will post a video and some more good screenshots today

Yes!you can​:yum: as you know you can give layout in input

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Edited Post 1, Added one more screenshot and added a video


It’s not customizable but my exntension is fully customizable