Positioning of the blocks

I am having trouble positioning blocks to attach to other blocks. The location lights up, which feels too far from the location I expect it to be. Sometimes I cannot see where it is going to be placed because it is under the block I am dragging.
Am I the only one?

I’m having no such issue till now. A video explaining the actual problem may help it understand better for the community.

In that case I first need to figure out how to make a video of my screen…

What happens is that when I drag a block the ‘light-up’ where the dragged block can be connected is not where I expect it to be. The dock-able ‘light-up’ position is not close to the connection point of the block that I am dragging. It used be a quick drag to and snap in position, which worked like a charm for me, but now I am having trouble clicking the blocks in the location where I want it to be.

Try using a different Browser may be… Or, try cleaning caches.


First I cleared the cache, of google chrome I normally use. That did not help.
But when I switched to firefox, drag and drop appears to be working like it used to.

Thanks for your help!

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