Possible To Get Src from Json ? NEED JSON EXPERT

this my json code.

  • title: “Do you know what happens if you eat a large quantity of nuts before bedtime?”,

  • Disc: “Even those who are not cooking, there is something that is easy to do, such as yogurt… cooked with hot rice, added to yogurt, eat the avocado and eat the toast.<img src=” TEST.JPG" <Avocado is Healthy Fruit",

I need to get only image data “SRC”


What is your information in Json format?

fist show what you have tried.

This is my article post json. i need to target only my post image

i am just title, and iam trying to target src from Disc
is it possibile to target only src, Disc content in html formate

this is your answer
replace all text from disc use this method and do

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Thank You Brother i will try

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This may help…I didn’t test it but you may give it a try…



ok brother