Praise Error kodular app while installing APK

Dear Besties,

Hope you all are fine… I am facing the praise Error while installing apk file made with kodular on Huawei P-10 lite (Android version 8.0) . I m failed to understand why it is happening…and what is the solution…can anybody help me please. Screen shot is attached here…

Please note APK file is of 7Mb

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Welcome to Kodular family ,
Please change the package name of app and try again.

Dear I am still facing the problem…

Provide your

  • icon size in px
  • package name
  • min SDK you are using
  • device android version
  • do you have a previous app installed with same package name from another builder


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Thankyou all of you… It was done when I have changed the PKG name…

But now I am in next phase facing problem… App not installed. … why it is happening

Uninstall your previous app on your phone if if you have it, try to install again, if you still have issues then answer my request


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This should hopefully solve your App not installed problem.

May be the Minimum sdk you are using is above your android version level.
What’s your minimum sdk?
What’s your android version?