Premium Glitch - Cannot RE-SUBSCRIBE

Hi All

Ive been Premium for 3 months

This month my subscription failed and even though it still says Premium in the top bar blue button the app will not compile and there is no where to renew my subscription

Ive been onto my profile, it says Ive paid for March but not for April yet but there still in no way to pay

Any ideas



You have to wait until April 28th to re-apply, but you will still be a VIP

But I cannot copile the app to test

Its not happening because of kodular premium, its because kodular’s build server is offline

Than you

I thought it was my fault cause I also got an email saying thhe payment had failed

My pleasure helping you :relaxed:

Mark my reply as solution if it helped you.

m1 got there first, sorry

No problem, I just meant mark a reply with solution, so people dont get confused that your issue got solved or not :slightly_smiling_face:

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