Premium plan? Nope


(Sharad Ranjan) #21

Really this is what I loved when i read. And thank you all the Makeroid team who work to bring it Royalty free.
And sure if we got ideas then we will support you by telling them.

(Marlon Rodríguez) #22

Hola!.Soy nuevo. Me da gusto ver que exista esta plataforma para personas menos experimentadas en codificación. Creare algunos proyectos con ustedes. :slight_smile:

(Philipp Lang) #23

Make an ico project in crypto, and maybe bring a builder for some things on blockchain. So yyou can raise money very fast. And i think if people see Kodular Team as a Blockchain Team that they will invest a big money into it. And to make an ico project needs 10 minutes of time to create the smart contract. Commuity the biggest part is here so you dont need to built a coomunity which buy the coin, If you have any interest in this way, you can contact me i am an advisor of a Bitcoin Diamond and i have 4 years knowlege in Crypto.