Pressing three dots of About this Application o go to a URL link

Hi everyone,
I wonder If there is a way to go to a web page, by pressing the three dots( the one that says About this Application) which is on the upper right corner of the screen?
Thank you in advance

You Can Disable It And Make It Yourself By Meterial Icon

Follow The Step

  1. Make Title Visable To False


  1. Draw A Horizontal Arrangement And Make Setting According Your Needs

     Width = fill parents
     height = 10%
  2. Then Drag A Label Insite Horizontal Arrangement And Set It Where You Want

     fount typeface =  meterial icons
     clickable =  true
     text = more_vert

Now Your Design Is Ready !

Thank you very much for your time,
However, maybe I did not explain it too well.
You see my idea is to press the three dots and from there go to my privacy policy.
I wonder If it is possible to go by pressing the three dots and using the common properties to go to some URL or do I have to use List view programming using the blocks?
Thanks in advance