Print value after decimal

I am going to make calculator. That calculate the value after decimal. Is it possible. I found the component formate decimal but it is used to calculate before decimal value… i mean 1.55+1.65=120. please help me to find component

It’s not clear what you are asking for.
Do you mean a way to keep only the decimals?



i think it should work for you

thank you

If I solved then I think you should mark me as solution

Sorry bro i did now
Thanks for your help

Now i got error in next step please help!
If the text box is empty then the + operation error
And while initialization time the index error shows.

I think answer of @Italo should be marked as solution.

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ya he did first but what i want the actual solution is given by @parmarparth996 so. i mark to his answer as the solution

can you help me make the text box set last value as 0 after erase every thing . that never set as null

Agree with you, have already switched to it 2 times already, now third time



it was my fault. Sorry For That now its in right place. thank you for your guideline.

Thank you but don’t worry about it. I don’t really care about that. :grinning:


bro i dn’t mean that Sorry cz i was wrong

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