[Private BETA] Rapid - Create Extensions Using Blocks!

Hello everyone,
I have sent emails containing telegram/discord links for everyone that enrolled to Rapid beta testing program.
Please join the groups as soon as possible. Links will expire in a few days.
Mohamed Tamer

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Man, this is no doubt one of the best tools I have ever seen in all these years. At least in potential.
I hope you keep the good work and the website becomes accesible to everyone soon.
In the meantime, may be you could keep the telegram group open to everyone (even those without access to the website) or at least make a list of extensions created with the tool so others people can test then and see if they work.

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While applying for internal tester in Rapid, you agreed not to share things publicly. You may not disclose any news about Rapid, Blocks, Extensions made with Rapid with anyone.


I also want to join plz :pray:

Oh, I see. I could never imagine something like this :sweat_smile:
Anyway, I hope the tests go well and this tool gets available for me and everybody else soon.


Congratulations on the GREAT work!!!

But, after looking at the example blocks, I think that: even so, the user will have to understand about Java to use the right blocks and generate an extension.


You’re welcome!

I have answered this here:

Hi :grin::+1:
I don’t want to mess up your project, I’m just warning some users that: even using Rapid, which theoretically will make it easier to create extensions, they will need to think like a Java developer. So, in short, they will have to have the knowledge.

This is not a doubt, this is an affirmation.:+1:


Sure, I understand. :+1: I agree that using Rapid, you would have to think as a java developer, but you wouldn’t have to write code as a java developer and you don’t need to study Java thoroughly in order to understand what’s going on with Rapid, but definitely a minimum of knowledge is required with some java basics which will be explained through the documentation.


Certainly true! Rapid has served just the same way as AI2 platform do - save us writing complicated codes in less effort.

But, a user should not forget that they have to have the knowledge about what they trying to do.

Blockly is nothing but a simplified form of codes. So, yes! You need the same thought as a dev do.


How is this project progressing? Wow, this is going to change everything.


i have not recieve testing link yet. i have apply before last date.

Can a moderator unlist this topic please ( since the beta testing has been already done ) ?

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Just mention this in the first post and you’re good to go.

Also, I’d recommend you to use this topic to share product updates. This will make Rapid visible to more users and keep interested ones in loop.

Edit: I see you’ve created a new topic.