Private Directory Storage Access

I am creating an app that’s need to access another app’s Private directory
Problem is that, In Android 11, I am unable to delete files or add files in other app Private directory
Note: Under Android 10, I can easily do that and app works well


How to get those permission of screenshot

My app directory:

Others app directory:

I need to access /data/OtherspackageName/files

Can anyone tell me how can I do it in Android 11?

You can’t access private directory in android 11.

Apparently there are a number of misunderstandings:

  1. You are talking about internal storage, but you mean external storage, since you are talking about ASD.
  2. The ASD is basically only accessible via its own app, regardless of the Android version.
  3. Obviously, you are not concerned with accessibility but with the visibility of the ASD. The ASD is no longer visible from the device under Android 11+.

So read this first and re-ask your question precisely.

Then how this app get access of free fire Private folder

This app is replacing the files of Free Fire private folder. Can you tell me how can I do it?

I have no idea what this app is about (language unknown). Whether there MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is requested or something else. I don’t care either.


Sorry for disturbing you sister

You have an extension called “AllFilesPermission”
Can I get access of others app private folder by this extension?