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Sorry for the late reply.

Save picture captures the actual camera view and not the preview or the layout picture. the preview picture captures the layout/preview. I have given these two options because, sometimes in older phones the save pic block dosent work sometimes for some reason.

Its recommended to use the save pic block. If it fails to capture the actual picture, it saves the preview picture.

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No problem

Thanks for the clarification

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Can you add video recording features please ?

No sorry, this extension is specifically made for taking Pictures.
However, you can screen record it using extensions.

“Has stopped” why?

Hello adm, could you show me you’re blocks?


It’s simple blocks, but “has stopped”

What are you actually trying to do? You’re saving a picture when the “Button1” is clicked and when the photo is saved then you’re trying to take another picture (preview picture) which put a very much load on the extension. This goes in a loop and eventually crashes the App due to lack of memory,

even if that blocks “SavedPhoto” was deleted, still “has stopped”. I try example block like your post above, but still same problem,

Have you allowed the Storage and the camera permission? They are required in order to save and take photo.

offcourse, with permission or not like your example still “has stopped”

Show me them please?

used on my samsung A5 2016

No not that, I mean please show the permission you’ve allowed in you’re app.

at first install everything is normal this extension, but the next few hours it starts to have problems. Do you have a complete example, please show me

There are few possibilities why it’s not working.

  • Permission issue (Doubt)
  • The phone is lack of memory or cannot perform the action.

I’ve faced the 2nd issue when developing the extension. It’s like nothing happens.
Also could you tell me you’re Android version please?

Till now, now one has faced this problem.

android version 7.0

yeah, that’s right maybe 2nd issue

You could try checking if all the permissions are allowed (just to confirm).

Go to app settings → Permissions → Check the permissions

Yeah, thanks for your help I’ll try again…

have you extension or method for take picture automatically after take a picture with this camera extension ? in phone memory storage (storage/emulated/0…)

Yes it’s possible to do it but it would just crash the app. It’s possible to do in a loop until the app crashes, so I’ll not recommend it to do it.