Problem adding values into lists after uploading to airtables

I’m trying to add the latest product I upload to airtables also into my global lists so I dont need to get data from airtables each time I add a product to list. As I’ve read in docs this should be it :thinking:, but does not work :hear_no_evil:. Any idea why? :woozy_face:


Global variables are populated by airtable data ? Aren’t they ? So once a new item is added in airtable what you should do is to “refresh” data by calling again data from spreadsheet and recreate your dynamic layout

yes :wink:

That’s the best solution? If I sit here now before I go to store and will add 20 products, it should collect data from airtables 20 times? Aint it better to just add value into the global lists and create new dynamic component with these values? :thinking:

I did as you said and using these blocks for now until I figure out if it’s possible to do this without calling for data each time I add a product :slight_smile:


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