Problem compiling apk

Salut! je trouve un grand problème pour construire mon APK sur Kodular
l’application se plante en an attedant le code barre…merci de me venir en aide.

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Hi! I find a big problem to build my APK on Kodular
the application crashes while waiting for the barcode…thank you for helping me.

Welcome to community. Official language is English so next time please follow the rules. Also please mention the error you see in logview when apk fails to compile in order to get help

thanks for the help
when building the APK it crashes with the message
“waiting for the download link”

No viewlog ?


Then how big is your project? How many screens ? Assets …?
Download aia, upload it to and post a screenshot of summary

How many assets ? Have you uploaded many mp3 files ?

2 screen and 11 mp3 file (short) they do not exceed 30MB

Delete two or three mp3 and try again, see

thanks a lot for your help
I tried with fewer files and it worked…bravo. :+1:

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