Problem downloading from Microsoft OneDrive

I have built an app that downloads games
When the user clicks on a game, he starts downloading
But I had a problem when I uploaded games to Microsoft OneDrive
I ran the program and it starts downloading, but this problem appears to me

Are you sure that you are trying to install app on device running on at least minimum android version?

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Android 4.4.4

What is the min sdk set?

I dont Know
I am a beginner

You will find it in Screen1>Advanced properties>Min SDK

It is like this
Android 4.4 - 4.4.4 (API 19)

Then something is wrong with apk file downloaded.
Are you able to install it by downloading from pc/laptop?

And I can install and run it

Can you share your aia and apk file?

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test_download.aia (4.0 MB)

Let me see.

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What news ؟

I am sorry.
I am a bit lazy.
Tomorrow is Sunday and holiday so I will check out it tomorrow.

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Yes I have.

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Are you even able to build this aia

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